Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Childs view

I was reading one of my new favorite blogs this morning The Pioneer Woman and her recent posts about  her youngest daughter picking up the camera and taking some shots made me want to post about Liam and his photography skills. So here we go....

This last summer, Liam inherited my husband's point and shoot Nikon as he had upgraded to a much fancier camera. Our first excursion was to the Lavender festival in Sequim Wa. A lovely little town nestled into the foothills of the Olympic Mountains.  I think one day I want to retire to a lavender farm, what could be more relaxing than sitting on a wide porch, reading a good book in the evening looking up and seeing the the mountains purple in the twilight and breathing in a lungful of the lavender scent?

I mean, talk about a perfect retirement plan, you grow the lavender, and reap not only the relaxation benefits but then once a year in July, your are descended upon by tourists from all over, who come and cut the lavender and pay you for it!

Hmmmm.....zzzzzzzzz.... where was I? Oh, Right, Liam's camera. This particular trip was a last minute thing. We hopped into the car and away we went. And then waited 2 hours in line for the ferry. Now, to pass the time, we were goofing off and Liam was snapping pictures... these pictures remind me of when I was a kid and was relegated to the back seat...there's nothing REALLY to do. Other than stare around and make up stuff...I remember as a kid, I used to flip the floor mats over and pretend I was a telephone operator...all the little nubbins were the various lines that people would call into and I'd plug them over to. It was quite and my imaginary mouse Squeaker got a pretty good kick out of the game..and some of the conversations I listened in on! WOW!

Anyway, enough about MY childhood. Y'all don't need a history lesson.  Here are a few of the photo's Liam captured...some are funny, some you're trying to figure out WHY he took a picture of that...others you're trying to figure out WHAT he took a picture of, and then there are a few that make me think that kid has an eye...

Top row: Allan and I...I had just found out I was Pregnant with our Daughter ~ On the way home , the ferry coming into Kingston ~ A bumble bee in the lavender...this is a shot that he had been TRYING to take, and I can attest to the difficulty of capturing a bee in your photos! 
Second row: Allan and I, goofing of in the car while waiting for the ferry ~ Liam's chocolate milk...all gone! ~ Flying car! 
Third row: Straw? ~ The "front" of the ferry ~ Water wheel at one of the lavender farms
Bottom row: Allan taking pictures with his new toy ~ Liam's scabbed over knee ~ STARBUCKS! (we are in Seattle and addicted to Coffee after all ~ Liam ~ Lavender, on the way home ~ PUPPY!

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