Sunday, June 26, 2011

Discovery Park

So, most people who know me know I also love to do anything creative. I also have experience in just about everything "wedding" short of actually HAVING one, or making the dress you name it I've done it. EXCEPT, photography. HA! So I'm finally getting my chance. A close friend who's wedding invites I am designing wanted to have pictures for her Save the Dates...Just so happens I know a photographer...Wink Wink.

What followed was a day out at Discovery Park in Seattle. If you've never been, I HIGHLY suggest it for your next day trip. Since this happened to be a family friend we made it a family affair. Bringing the kiddos and hubby along. (Allan took Liam on the long trail through the woods for pictures and fun while us girls got down to the hair and make-up business before the shoot) then we all met up at the West Point Lighthouse.

While Allan got some GREAT shots of Puget Sound and Liam falling into it, no worries it was only ankle deep...though he still managed to get wet to the arm pits...

All told, Allan's pictures are pretty much SOOC...(straight out of Camera)..only SLIGHT curves work on a  couple and obviously cropping for the collage. I have to say, I LIKE the way his Nikon takes pictures.

As for me, I was strictly business taking photo's of the happy couple.

My cannon does well, I love it. Though I've found, and it may be user error, but I don't think it gets AS crisp a picture as the Nikon does SOOC though it's still a good picture. Me-thinks I'll upgrade to a Nikon once I've found a Leprechaun and his Pot O' Gold.

Anyway, that was my Saturday, it was a good time all around (as evidenced by the picture Allan captured of me laughing above) and overall, it was a great experience!

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