Sunday, September 18, 2011

I Heart Faces - A Touch of Sunlight

So this weeks challenge is  A Touch of Sunlight. I just so happen to have captured this shot while taking pictures of Kayleigh for her 6 month shoot.

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Back to School!

So, we've been busy in the McGregor household. Kayleigh's beginning to get mobile..(she's mastered the backwards scoot)...Allan's been working crazy hours (70+ a week for a couple weeks there) and then of course, BACK TO SCHOOL. My Little boy has become a big boy. Headed off to 1st grade. Here's a little collage to commemorate his 1st day.

Apparently, a summer away from each other doesn't dampen childhood crushes...

We have been out on a number of outings in the last few weeks. I will be editing and telling you all about them soon!