Sunday, August 28, 2011

I Heart Faces Weekly Challege: White

This week the focus is white. I thought of a number of different ideas for shoots but ultimately chose this picture. The white blanket used for a backdrop here is a fantastically beautiful handmade shawl. It was made by mother in law for my son when he was born, it was then used for my daughter as well. I have never in all my life seen such a finely made piece as this one I hope that our children will use it for their children.

I Hope you enjoy the shot! After are are done admiring the handiwork (of the shawl) go check out the other visions in white over at I Heart Faces!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

I Heart Faces Weekly Challege: Pets Week

This week is pets week...And though we don't have a pet, this beautiful pet likes to hang out on our deck, and attempt to come into our apartment. Those eyes have caused many a mini heart attack in the middle of the night looking through my window screen on the way back from feeding my newborn.

However, in the light of day they are quite the beautiful sight!

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Saturday, August 13, 2011

I Heart Faces Weekly Challege: Eyes

This week's challenge as you can tell is Eyes...And since I have a couple of kids with the sweetest eyes around I have had the HARDEST time deciding on a picture..In the end, I chose to use this quirky and fun shot of my son...he's got these BEAUTIFUL brown eyes...with LONG eyelashes that are just to die for. I also wanted to honor all of us brown eyed peoples, and to show that brown eyes can be just as eye catching as blue ones.

So..take a gander then meander over to I Heart Faces to check out all the other beauties!