Monday, June 6, 2011

The Wet Walk

So, in effort to have family time and take pictures....on a budget...preferably not to far away I am landed with the lovely task of finding various walks, trails, hikes and destinations that don't require entrance fees or an entire tank of gas.

One such walk was the The North Creek Walk. It was a nice April day, and we felt like going on a walk. So I found this little park while searching the Snohomish County Parks website. Looked perfect so we packed everyone into the car and took off.

Now, this is an interesting little walk. It's a boardwalk through a wetland. What it DOESN'T tell you on the web site...or any other site for that matter, is that the board walk is FLOATING on the wetland when it's particularly wet.

Now, since we've had a particularly wet spring, though the day itself was dry, the ground was not. What we found was an exciting adventure where in places we were having to take turns walking certain parts of the boardwalk as fast as we could without falling to avid sinking that section too far...then letting it pop back up before the next one went along...and it was slippery in places too.

By the time we got back to the car, Liam was soaked from falling into the water on a number of occasions. My shoes were soaked...Kayleigh made out like a bandit though her buggy's bottom was wet, and Allan, well he's Mr. Sure footed was the fastest across and never did get his feet more than a little damp.

However, all the while we were snapping pictures. And some lovely pictures were captured.

As you can see, I am no longer able to avoid pictures. As a side note: Allan is the only one I've known to EVER be able to capture a photo of me that I don't really mind sharing with the world. 

A typical picture of Liam...climbing on something. 

This is why Liam was wet. Those boards were Slippery...and he kept on running. 

The area here was originally a farm stead...this is one of the buildings from the original farm. 

It doesn't LOOK wet..but just wait. Stand too long in one place and it's underwater. 

Here the water was flowing. Liam being all boy was dropping twigs in to watch them come out the other side. 

This little guy never did move willingly. Not until we were right on top of him, THEN he ran off.  

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