Friday, June 24, 2011

FIx - It - Friday! June 24th 2011

It's that time of the week again over at I Heart Faces

I started out by using a healing brush and then the clone tool as needed to remove the fine hairs running across the little girls face, and through her eye.  I then brightened up both eyes a little bit. 
I will say, I have searched HIGH...and LOW...for actions that I can use, and tweak to my advantage. To use as little or as much of them as I want. But NONE, have I found that I like any better than Pioneer Woman's Actions. I love these. 

For the color edit. I used Seventies (a current addiction) and then layered Vintage on top at a lower opacity and added a layer mask so that the girl wasn't as faded as the edges. I wanted that kind of faded, old world almost ghostly look that emphasized her BEAUTIFUL eyes. Then I added another curves layer to get it just how I wanted it and here we are! 
For the B&W edit I used the B&W adjustment layer on top of the color set. Then curves to add a little bit of contrast and done. 

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