Monday, June 20, 2011


So over at this week's challenge is BOYS! And since I happen to have a pretty fantastic boy, who is ridiculously photogenic I figure I'd might at well throw in a picture... And share a few extra with you as well.

So this is the photo I've entered. I wish I could take credit for this one. HOWEVER, I cannot. This was snapped last weekend by my husband. Since this week is the "Father's day" challenge I figure It's appropriate to submit one where dad took the shot. It is also one of my favorite shots of our son, and I couldn't wait to play with it.

I look at this and can see him when he's 10, 16, 20. I can see the handsome man peeking through the innocence of early childhood.  I see the scene in the movie where the hero has just gotten his heart  broken, or where at the end, he's gotten the girl and is about to wink at the camera before he rides off into the sunset and the credits roll by.
Most of all, I see promise of a full life on the horizon as if he's about to turn and walk away and into that future, which I suppose he is. But what I do know, is one of us will always be there to snap pictures of when he turns back to include us in his little world. And we will cherish those moments. Because as he gets older they never come often enough.

I'm not the only one w/ fond memories of my boy, head on over to I Heart Faces and check out all the other boys!

Now just for fun, this is my "little man" last summer. It's amazing how they grow in just a year! And how much changes. He's now a big brother, and has a year of "real" school under his belt. He's reading and counting and all that fun stuff. Wow, it seems like yesterday he was the size of his sister!

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