Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I heart Faces Best Face Photo from May | People’s Choice Contest

For this month's  I Heart Faces Best Face Photo from May | People’s Choice Contest  I thought of this photo right away. 

Our 6 year old begged to be a big brother. He made all sorts of promises to "help" with his little sister when I was pregnant. Of course, my husband and I assumed those promises would soon be forgotten, after all, he 6! Into Legos and learning to read, and babies do, well we all know what babies do.  

But, we were wrong. This is one of his favorite things to do with his sister. Just lay on the floor with her and talk, play and try and get her to smile...and in the end, making me smile..and thrilled that my daughter has the big brother I never got to have. I envy her his protecting presence and her obvious tenacity to try and "take a swing" at her big brother even at 2 months old. 

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