Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Oregon: Where It All Began

So, our real adventures began along the Oregon coast..a trip I'd done with my mom when I was a kid. When Liam was 3 I decided it was time to take the family on a two week road trip.  Best trip ever, btw. I highly recommend the trip to anyone wanting a BEAUTIFUL drive with lots of fun stuff to do along the way.

We started in Seattle, and went down to Astoria, Lincoln City, Bend, Bandon, then Crescent City CA., back up through the Willamette Valley and home.

Since I had JUST gotten my Cannon Rebel DSLR, I was excited to play with it. Allan, also decided to purchase a little Nikon point and shoot while we were down there.  Some of my favorite shots are from this vacation.  I took nearly 2000 shots, and while MOST of them aren't great.  There are a few that really turned out...or still make me smile to this day.

From top left:
Pirate statue outside a little sea side shop  ~  Allan and Liam when we stopped for food in Astoria  ~  The boy's reflection in the sand just south of Astoria  ~  Jaguar Cub that Liam got to feed @ The West Coast Game Park Safari in Bandon  ~  Allan trying out his new toy in Lincoln City  ~  Playing in the Sunset along the coast   ~  Allan waving "hello" from the bottom of a redwood @ The Trees of Mystery Tour  ~  Waves Crashing along the cliffs near the Sea Lion Caves  ~ Allan's first time in a batting cage in Lincoln City  ~  Allan and Liam in the redwoods  @ Trees of Mystery  ~  Allan holding a baby Opossum at the West Coast Game Park Safari  ~  Liam posing in the Sea Lion Caves gift shop.

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