Monday, May 30, 2011

Meet the family.

Hi! So we are a family that has found that photography is GREAT hobby for all ages...and gives us something fun to do together.

Who are we? Well, there is me...Bethany, I'm mom to two great kiddos, and wife to a crazy Scotsman. I'm at home with the kids every day and love to design and take pictures whenever time permits. 

That crazy scotsman that is my husband, is Allan. He's a cook by day, and wonder-dad the rest of the time. When he's not taking pictures with me, he's playing with our two little ones....

Then there's Liam our son. He's new to the photography circuit but at 6 years old has quite and eye for the composition! And he LOVES to take pictures of his little sister... 

Last but not least is Kayleigh. The model of the family just now,  because at 2 months old, she's not quite able to hold a camera...well other than to eat and that's just a waste of a camera. 

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