Monday, October 24, 2011

I Heart Faces Weekly Challege: Let Them Be Little

This is Kayleigh. Otherwise known as "Kayleigh Bug", "The Bug",  "Missy Bug", "Bug Bug" and other variations on "Bug". She is now 7 months old. Yesterday, she said Ma Ma clear as day for the first time. The day before she crawled across the living room. I love to watch this stage of infancy, everything is new, they are discovering their bodies and how to move them. They are learning language and relationships. It's the age of firsts.

What I DON'T like, is watching it go by so fast with my own kids. My son, is a 16 year old in a 6 year olds body (back seat driving and all), and it seems like yesterday I brought him home from the hospital. This little thing, she's my baby, I'm going to miss holding my sleeping baby. Her sweet snuffle of baby snoring in my ear as I try not to wake her as I lay her down.  I'll miss the complete joy she gets on her face when I simply say "Bug bUUUUUUg" in a silly way to her as I come into the room to get her up from a nap. I'm going to miss her wee cute noises in the background of my day. Pretty soon the word NO will come into her world. I'll be chasing a toddler instead of cuddling my baby.

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  1. awwww... her eyes are beautiful! great shot!

  2. Adorable! My baby's name is Hailey and we call her Hailey Bug. Kinda funny- very similar.

  3. She is a Cutie Bug, for sure! I love her eyes... just gorgeous. If possible, make sure to put the I Heart Faces button in your post... :<)