Sunday, October 2, 2011

Hurricane Ridge

So post!  YAy...

A couple weeks ago we headed over to the peninsula yet again....We tend to find a lot of fun stuff to do over there. This time we decided to do a impromptu camping trip...if you can call renting a KOA cabin for a night camping.

Our PLAN, was to get going DIRECTLY after Liam got out of school at 2:30. After all, a 3o minute ferry ride and an hour or so in the car and we should be able to be at the campground and hang out for a while, build a fire, make some smores etc. HOWEVER, one thing on top of another, and we ended up not getting to the cabin until 9:30.  The next morning, we went to a little diner in Sequim...and then coffee of course (we are Seattleites, born and converted after all). And off we headed to Port Angeles, and then up and into the mountains.

I haven't been to Hurricane Ridge for around 15 years, and things haven't changed much. Due to extreme heat, and my issues with my ankle we thought to do the 6 mile walk to the tiiiiiiiippy tippy top of the mountain. But ultimately we decided to do the smaller set of keep it fun and easy and be able to take  our time rather than have to RUSH through 6 miles.

Turns out our choice was a good one. Like a previous walk (that I will eventually add as well) that took us into the upper altitudes, after a little bit, Kayleigh just lost it. Between teething and that we're at the HOLD me ALL DAY stage,  she won't sleep in her buggy. But we managed to get a number of great photos to commemorate our crazy weekend.

Notice the picture here with the white in the background. Due to the area having an extra 10ft of snow this last year, and a cool summer there was snow over the trail and along the side of the mountain as well. (Of course, I didn't snap a picture of Allan pushing the buggy over a large pile of snow!)

Keep an eye out...coming up is also, the Iron Goat Trail. Not to mention a number of just fun pictures of the kiddos etc to come.

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