Wednesday, October 3, 2012


We couldn't go to Wyoming, home of the legendary Chris Ledoux, inspiration for the sweeping song Stampede and NOT go see a Rodeo! ESP...since my son has been all about "cowboys" for a while (he sings "Shoulda Been a Cowboy, by Toby Keith daily), and my husband considers himself a Scottish Cowboy.  In the way that he's Scottish, and likes to wear Cowboy hats...he couldn't resist buying ANOTHER one in Wyoming either. I've yet to coax him up onto the back of a horse though... 

Anyway, Cody makes it easy...It is The Rodeo Capital of the WORLD, so they claim (and really Who'd disputing it?) ANYWAY, they have NIGHTLY rodeos from June 1-August 31st so no matter when you're there, you won't miss out! 

The Rodeo had an odd effect on my son...or maybe not so odd...he now has requested to move to Cody   so he can be a Cowboy and "Learn to Rope and Riiiiiide" (totally singing the song in my head now)...of course, being a country girl at heart this is pretty OK to me... 

I wasn't able to take many shots that night. While her BROTHER was sitting still (well as still as required for a rodeo when you're hootin' 'n hollerin' for the cowboy down in the arena...) KAYLEIGH however, was having none of it...I mean it was 9pm and past her bed time and she couldn't see really over everyone in front of her, and frankly she just wanted to run around. Which is not easily done on metal bleachers. So I took a few shots, but mostly just sat back and enjoyed the evening. 

Of all the places we went on vacation, Cody was the one place I would have stayed longer just because of the town. It was quaint, but not too quaint (there was at least a Walmart and soon a STARBUCKS!...come on, I'm from Seattle give me a break.) But it also had a TON to do. We got to most everything in the 3 days we were around Cody, but could have easily stretched it out, and it's close proximity to Yellowstone is a HUGE plus. :) I'd totally go back. 

So here are the Rodeo pictures...Next up will be the Old Trail Town... Where we walked the boards that Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid once trod...pretty cool huh? Stay tuned! (I promise it won't be so long this time...really!) 

This is one of my favorite shots from the entire vacation, the dust, and the lights and the cowboys sitting blurry on the rail in the distance... I just love it...

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