Sunday, July 24, 2011

Volunteer Park

So, after a few days of summer like weather this year, while the rest of the country melts in 100+ degree heat we have had rain, and fog, and nastyness..until yesterday. FINALLY! So, we packed up the kiddos and headed out. We ended up at Volunteer park, it's nestled in a residential area of Seattle, it houses the Asian Art Museum and well as some walking paths which made it perfect for us because there was enough to take pictures of and yet not so rugged that we'd have to either A) carry  Kayleigh, who's getting heavy. Or B) Worry too much about injuring my ankle further before surgery next month.

I've made a few different sets of collages here :) We just had soo many good photos. Believe me when I say this is just a drop in the bucket. I could have posted way more.

So I made one collage solely dedicated to the views we had of the Space Needle and city...and then threw in a pretty good shot of a plane shows of Allan's zoom and tele converter...I think he was at 400mm there ;) Most of the city shots were taken from the water tower at the park. it's over 100 steps up so I push Kayleigh around the bottom while the boys took the trek up...from what I hear it was one heck of a climb! 

I sometimes wonder how I ended up with SUCH a photogenic kiddo. Unless he's making a goofy face or is mid blink you just can't take a bad photo! (shoot and even some of those are classics!)

Then of course there is the Bug. In one of my favorite outfits on her because of her red hair...The yellow just compliments her. :) She slept through a LOT of the walk etc and we didn't bring her out of the buggy until later into the outing for not as many different "poses" but, then she is only 4 months, it's not like she's going to be striking a pose and be leaping in the air for us like Liam!

Allan and I both love Macro shots...and taking pictures of flowers gives us good reason and opportunity to use this effect. One of the coolest plants we saw this time was the "living stones" they are found in South Africa and really do look like stones! See for your self (lower left photo of collage) 

Anyway, yet another fun day out. If you are ever in Seattle, I'd highly recommend the park to you. Especially if you enjoy Asian Art,  flowers and views. Other neat things, in the summer they have a wading pool that's open daily, it was open when we were there, but we didn't bring towels or anything to wade. They also have a large playground, and the building that houses the Art Museum is a BEAUTIFUL Art Nouveau style. 

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