Sunday, July 10, 2011


So, always up for a contest, and getting my photos out there I am entering this photo into Shutter Speed's Photo contest. It's their first contest, and I'm always up for helping a fellow blogger and photographer gain traffic.

When I heard the topic I knew what shot I was going to pick. I know it's not the "typical" shot you'd think of when the word "playful" is bandied about. HOWEVER, this shot makes me laugh every time. In fact it's my wallpaper currently. It's like my daughter is peeking over the edge of the picture saying, hey mom! Hey, for a 3 month old that's not too shabby! In all honestly, I was playing around with the idea of a sun flare, and this came out, I love it. I love the colors that make me think of a hot summer day by the pool, I love the comedy of this little baby in the sun...It just makes me smile, and I'm not really 100% sure why. But then, that's often the best part of photography.

I hope it makes you smile. While you're smiling head over to Shutter Speed and check out some other playful shots!


  1. Very sweet! Thanks for joining the party and for letting me know I had accidently deleted the html for the linky :)

  2. cute as a button and love the lighting on this!