Monday, June 25, 2012

Fort Nisqually

We recently took a trip down to Point Defiance Park in Tacoma. We happen to like the Zoo down there MUCH better than the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle, which is...Nice, but huge, you really can't get it all in sometimes, and the habitats are so huge as to make it difficult to see the animals sometimes. Point Defiance also is an Aquarium, and the walruses are just cool.  Anyway, this time, we didn't go to the zoo...though I definitely recommend it to everyone with small kids.

What we DID do this time was head over to Fort Nisqually. What is that you ask? Here's your answer (from their website...because I'm too lazy to type it all out...)  "Fort Nisqually, the first European settlement on Puget Sound, was a bustling center of trade that expanded into a large-scale agricultural enterprise." (website here)

At least that's what it WAS, back in 1855. NOW it's a living history museum. With some of the original buildings still intact and others rebuilt over the years..the staff dress in 1855 era costumes and tell you about how it would have been for them in that job in 1855.  They have special guests come different times of the year, it was a sailing master telling all about ships and sailing the day we were there. (With my extra active/young ones they weren't too interested in this) apparently we went the wrong weekend, the next week was going to be a cooking weekend, all about how they cooked in 1855 with cook offs and chef of a husband was a bit peeved to say the least...I mean, SAILING isn't nearly as interesting as a GIGANTIC fire in an outdoor oven... :)

Anyway, we split off while we were there...(and I haven't gotten my hands on Allan's photo's yet.) I had Bug, and he had Liam...while they climbed to the top of the turrets at the corner..something I just can't do. I walked around with Bug..who was FASCINATED with the blacksmiths shop...

Over all, unless you go on one of their bigger weekends, (like the food one with the cook off) while extremely interesting, it doesn't take a whole lot of time to go through. It was perfect for us, NO crowds and a lot of room for the kids to just run around while we read all the information and talked to some of the staff...and of course, we took plenty of pictures...I mean, it IS us, what else would you expect?

I didn't take a LOT because bug is now ALL OVER and it's hard to take time out when it's just her and I to take a lot of shots....but I was able to get a few nice ones, and a goofy one of her and her brother "wrestling" on the grass....

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