Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Okay, so to many around the country, and all over the world, a little bit of snow is nothing big.

To children the world over it means playtime...of course, not all of it is NICE play time esp if you aren't in the mood for snow down your shirt or in your face. My hubby is one who hates snow because of the brutal use of rocks within the snowballs thrown when he was a kid...of course, in Scotland, snow wasn't so much a novelty as a normal winter occurance.

However, for those in the Pacific Northwest, we dream of snow...(well those of us that don't fear driving in it, and are big children at heart)  Or I guess I should say *I* dream of snow...I am a December baby...and NEVER have I seen snow on my birthday. I mean, come ON!

As a child when we would get that first flurry of snow I would be out the door and in the road was a different time *cough* years didn't matter the time, it didn't matter the day if it was snowing I was outside...taking a walk, sledding when there was enough snow, and even when there wasn' Seattle where I grew up in the valley between two hills...and there was a fantastic hill at the school a few blocks away.

As I got older and off to college, snow days were a prayer many a finals week in order to have a few more hours to study...though I didn't use it for that, usually I'd still put on my boots and coat and take a walk in the snow...

To me, snow is peaceful. even in it's ferocity...the hush it brings over the world, the glistening white of the snow, the sparkle snow frozen in the moonlight. The crunch beneath my feet....I think I could live in the more northward areas just for the snow. I find it relaxing...maybe it's because when the snow falls in the PNW things slow down. Maybe it's because in the cold and the hush I can truly hear myself think...often I have heard God whisper to my heart when I was out in the cold.

I've missed that this year with the snow...with a little one not yet walking, and the countdown to ankle surgery for me, I've avoided walking in the snow...I've stayed on the sidelines...and I've missed it. But that won't stop me from capturing what I can on film (well pixels anyway) So please, if you are around the snow, enjoy it! ESP if you are in the PNW, go, take a walk, frolic in it like school children. Stand and listen to the shhhh of the snow in the trees and the muffled sounds and just enjoy it. It won't last long...much like sleeping children...or shoot children being babies, toddlers or children, like the snow, they fade to the next season so fast. Enjoy them, and the snow when you can.  For now, I offer my wanderings into the snow (yard) :)
Trying to capture the flakes

In the sunrise...
Our street after a day of snow...

As the snow begins.....

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